• Our Philosophy
      Our Philosophy

An Integrated Health Strategy

Our Approach: Many Disciplines. One Individual. 

At The Total Body Approach, we provide individuals with a broader understanding of health and a sustained sense of well-being through natural health practices. We address the whole person, not just the symptoms like traditional medicine by combining the discipline of modern science with the wisdom of ancient healing. Most of all, at The Total Body Approach the individual and practitioner work together to develop a holistic, integrated health strategy and therapeutic plan that addresses the whole person. No Appointments necessary.  Convenient DNA testing swabs by mail and always free consultation. 

DNA – The Genius Inside of You 

Your DNA has more of a story to tell besides your ancestry. DNA Testing and Analysis can provide keen insights into YOUR health and WE can provide DNA Testing and Analysis – on-site and off-site. Simply follow the easy directions and return your swab. Our analysis will help to create a truly customized health plan. DNA analysis can provide for early detection and assist us in formulating DNA specific remedies to help the body heal itself. Digitally encrypted remedies can be used in conjunction with other medications. Never any side effects. 21st Century Energy medicine resonates with your body to help assist in healing. 

Bio-Electromagnetic Response Technology – The BioTracker 

The BioTracker combines the fields of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, traditional Medicine and Acupuncture with today’s leading-edge computer technology. It provides the practitioner with an accurate assessment of the individual’s bio-electromagnetic fields. The technique has been in use in Europe for the past two decades, and is currently employed by hundreds of practitioners. The BioTracker represents the peak of recent advances and techniques in corresponding medical fields and related technology.  

Bio-Tracker can detect imbalances, viruses and many other potential problems before they physically manifest themselves.  

Bio-Tracker chooses from over 150,000 remedies to help your body correct Acute and Chronic readings based upon your Individualized DNA. No guesswork. 

Contact Us

Contact Dan Tartaglia and The Total Body Approach at a location convenient for you. Our main practice is in Waterbury Connecticut, with offices in Treasure Island Florida and Westerly Rhode Island. Give us a call at 203-982-0743 for a free, no obligation consultation. We can help “Access The Genius Within You” by means of our remote DNA analysis.

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