BioTracker Technology Details

How Does It Work?

BioTracker AnalysisOriginally, this technology had its origins in the early documenting of Energy flow in the body (Chi or Life force, and Yin and Yang energy) by Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture Practitioners over thousands of years. There were also other contributors such as the early Greeks who used electrical devices to treat patients and also used the principle of “Similimum Similibus Curantor” (Like cures Like) as part of the healing processes.

In the 1800s we had the advent of many persuasions in Medicine, one of which was Homeopathy. This concept resurgence from the early Greeks was now expanded in form and showed much promise of a gentler healing art than the current medical practices of blood-letting with leeches etc.

In the 1950s a German Physician by the name of Reinhardt Voll used a sensitive Analog Meter to measure resistance to a small electrical current passed via electrodes attached to the patient. Using a scale from 0-100 and working on the Classical Acupuncture Meridians, he realized that the measurements obtained had definite correlations to the Health of the patient being tested. In combination with his findings and the theories of Homeopathy and other Alternative Healing medical approaches we have watched the advent of Computerized Bio-Energetic Analysis.

As detailed on our Home Page, The BioTracker has developed and refined the technology, enabling trained Practitioners to successfully Analyze and formulate “ideal” remedies for each individual client and help restore them to optimum health once again. All the major Bio-Systems of the patient are analyzed and assessed to find the right tailor made recommendations which is the key to restoring the individual to optimum health and wellness.

The DNA analysis you receive from our procedure is complimentary to your own specific genetic makeup and therefore Unique to YOU!

Results from clients with many different health problems have been very rewarding and achieved after only one or a couple of DNA Analysis protocols applied. Also the correlations drawn with the individual’s health conditions have been quite amazing. See for yourself.¬†

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