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Dan TartagliaMy interest in alternative medicine goes back many years with the use of herbs, vitamins , and organic food for myself. I would recommend these different regimens to my friends and family, who experienced serious sicknesses including brain cancer . Conventional medicine did not help or cure them.  The usual standard treatments were applied that only resulted in no quality of life and additional stress and anxiety for our family with the short time they had left to live. I had a passion for helping people especially my family. I studied alternative practices, concentrating on Naturopathic and Homeopathic medicine. After going through all these life experiences, I was always searching for something that was cutting edge and would incorporate all the natural therapies that I studied.

My introduction to the bio-tracker started with a holistic practitioner who in turn referred me to Dr. Neville Cramer, a homeopathic physician in Arizona. Dr. Cramer has a clinic in Arizona where he uses the exclusive  Bio-Tracker machine which he developed. I contacted him to see if he can examine my daughters DNA. She had developed severe case of hives for 9 months  that were not going away. She had seen many doctors and was not getting better. The steroids and drugs were making it worse, and making her even sicker. But after a few weeks of taking remedies based on her DNA, the hives were gone. I told Dr. Cramer I was interested in learning how to use this amazing tool to help analyze your DNA. We are now trained and certified to use this tool. I truly believe we have found the ultimate tool to use for analyzing the body to assist in healing itself. No guesswork here with this mind-body communication machine .We have many success cases on those who have used the Bio-Tracker. Some who were dealing with health problems including depression, arthritis and chronic immune problems. We are accessing the genius within the body without causing any harm.

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Dan Tartaglia

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