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How To Collect And Send Your DNA Samples

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Use ordinary Q-Tips (new pack) to collect the DNA samples from the inside of the cheeks (left and right) Also a clipping of hair as available.

Step 1.

We require 2 (two) Q-Tip swabs from the patient. One Q-Tip swab taken from inside the right cheek another Q-Tip swab taken from inside the left cheek.

NOTE: Scrape and rotate the Q-Tip swabs on the inside of the cheeks for about 10 seconds each  and place both of them into a paper envelope, seal and label.

Step 2.

We require a fresh clipping of hair about 1″ long and a minimum of 30 strands, as an additional DNA sample.

NOTE: Place the hair clipping in a separate paper envelope and seal, and label.

Both samples, now in 2 paper envelopes, can be folded and placed into a larger Bubble wrap envelope and mailed on to us at our address:

Total Body Approach- DNA 
235 Grand St. # 2928
Waterbury,CT 06723

The current costs for the DNA Analysis is $200 in the USA.
All other countries add $20 for additional Customs handling/mailing charges.

Checks/money orders, please make payable to: The Total Body Approach LLC. & send with the DNA samples or be paid w/Credit Cards (click the PayPal Link below)

We will then facilitate the appropriate DNA Analysis, which will then be sent to your address with details, along with a letter and suggestions for optimum results.

Contact us via email today for a FREE initial consultation/explanation with a Practitioner at Total Body Approach DNA Dept.

The Total Body Approach LLC

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